Press Coverage and News (2001)

arrow.gif (132 bytes) Innovative Program Keeps Texas Teachers on the Cutting Edge
   Texas Tribute: Fall/Winter 2001

"Texas Regional Collaboratives is an excellent example that seeks to address the critical needs of today's students," says Yoshi Inaba, president of Toyota USA Foundation, a major supporter of innovative K-12 science and mathematics education initiatives.
arrow.gif (132 bytes) UT Science Education Outreach Program To Double Capacity, Aid Texas K-12 Teachers, With $390,000 Toyota USA Grant
   News & Event: September 24, 2001

"Imagine that you want to climb a mountain. You have some new equipment, but you've never climbed a tree before. There are two ways to approach it. You can take a practice run with somebody who has lots of experience and the ability to share it--that's called mentoring. The other way is to be taken to the base of Mt. Everest, dropped off, and told to get to the top or quit. If you don't make it, your enthusiasm disappears, and you seek ways to avoid similar challenges in the future."
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Texas Science Hall of Fame 2001
    San Antonio: January 22, 2001

arrow.gif (132 bytes) ACC trustees likely to extend Fonte's contract
    Austin American-Statesman: January 22, 2001

"Anytime you work with people, you can always improve."
arrow.gif (132 bytes) ACC should retain Richard Fonte
   Austin American-Statesman: January 5, 2001
arrow.gif (132 bytes) 2001 Texas Science Summit
    Participant invitation / publicity material





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